About The Demand Project

The Demand Project exists to eradicate human trafficking, online enticement,
child abuse imagery, and the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

About The Demand Project

Our Mission

We will direct our efforts, resources and energy toward the eradication of sexual exploitation, with an emphasis on the sexual exploitation of children. Whether they’re victims of trafficking, forced prostitution, online enticement or child pornography—our mission is to end all sex crimes by targeting the DEMAND side of sexual exploitation.  (Demand = Predator)

The Demand Project is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your donations are tax-deductible.

The Founders

In 2004, the Founders of The Demand Project—Jason and Kristin Weis were living in Colorado with their beautiful family in what seemed to be the perfect world. One seemingly normal night, while watching the news, a headline story would forever grip their hearts and change the course of their lives forever. The story they heard that night, and that will now be shared with you, is horrific yet one that unfortunately tells the story of too many children. This story is responsible for Jason and Kristin’s decision to drastically change their lives.

The story on the news that night was that of a father, who had raped his three year old daughter, videotaped his brutal crime, downloaded it onto the internet, and if that isn’t devastating enough—thousands of people logged on to watch!

That was a monumental moment for this couple, wondering “how can we continue our safe life, when so many children are living in this torture?” They made the decision right then and there to dedicate their lives to eradicating child sexual exploitation.

Jason, Kristin, and their children moved from their home, family, and friends to get trained up to fight in this battle for freedom. They have never looked back and continue to look forward to a world where children do not have to live enslaved by sexual perversion.

Jason and Kristin Weis - Foundes of The Demand Project

The Board of Directors

Jason Weis
Chairman of the Board
Co-Founder/President The Demand Project

Ryan Edwards
Chair Development Committee

James Roberts
Board Director

Tim Harris
Board Director

Brian Frere
Board Director

Terree Thies-Hooper
Board Director

David Miller
Board Director

Shar Agosto
Board Director

Roy VanTassell
Board Director

Cory Box
Board Director

Kristin Weis
Board Director
Co-Founder/Executive Director
The Demand Project

Our Partners

Oklahoma Bureau of
Narcotics & Dangerous Drugs

Oklahoma State
Bureau of Investigation

Tulsa Police Department

Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office

Homeland Security Investigations

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

The Network

August Law Firm


Whistler's Auto Repair & Tires

What others are saying about The Demand Project

“I support the Demand Project and their efforts to stop predators and protect children.”
— Former Tulsa Police Chief, Chuck Jordan

“I support the Demand Project and their efforts to stop predators and protect children. We must protect our most vulnerable in society.”
—Darrell Weaver - Former OBN Director

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