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The Demand Project exists to eradicate human trafficking, online enticement,
child abuse imagery, and the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

Sponsor a Survivor

Victim Advocate Support Team

Rescue and Restoration

Picture if you can two seemingly opposite but equally fearful scenarios.

The first deals with someone that is removed from all they’ve known and coerced into a life of servitude and victimization. Daily they face horrors that can only be imagined until this life becomes the only thing they know, until it becomes all they expect. And day after day the real person inside becomes more of a distant memory until they wonder if their former life was even real at all.

The second scenario has a victim that has been found and rescued, but after enduring a period of time where pain and captivity is all they understand, the thought of freedom becomes a physical and emotional obstacle they may no longer have assets or skills for. Though technically free they are still quite captive. And this is where we excel.

The Victim Advocate Support Team (VAST) is specifically designed to support the former victim in all phases of their reintegration back into our community. After being rescued by law enforcement and transported by The Demand Project to safety, VAST is set in motion to acquire and accommodate the needs required to help transition the whole person back into society.

First, the most basic of needs are addressed:
    Food, Immediate Shelter, Clothing, and Medical

Then when necessary the focus is on the emotional:
    Group support, Trauma Recovery Counseling, Mentoring

And finally the practical skill sets are accessed to restore confidence:
    Career Assessment and Job Training, Completion of Education, Tutoring, Permanent Living Arrangements, Continued Counseling, etc.

Your financial support of VAST is designated for these specific and necessary needs. It is most important that the rescued victim is enveloped with every support mechanism required to ensure a successful transition.

This hope VAST offers is priceless in its value and is very laborious but is the most heart warming part of the Rescue and Restoration process and it can be fully accomplished as you partner with us to financially support these programs.

Our Partners

Oklahoma Bureau of
Narcotics & Dangerous Drugs

Oklahoma State
Bureau of Investigation

Tulsa Police Department

Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office

Homeland Security Investigations

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

The Network

Davis Family Arbor Services

Master Clean Carpet & Tile Cleaning

Accent Moving, Storage, & Logistics

What others are saying about The Demand Project

“I support the Demand Project and their efforts to stop predators and protect children.”
— Former Tulsa Police Chief, Chuck Jordan

“I support the Demand Project and their efforts to stop predators and protect children. We must protect our most vulnerable in society.”
—Darrell Weaver - Former OBN Director

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