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The Demand Project believes in educating, equipping, and empowering the community on how to stay safe against online predators, human traffickers/buyers, and anyone that seeks to sexually exploit children for commercial and personal gain. We provide in-depth presentations on how predators and traffickers operate, how to keep children safe online and in the community, and how you can stay educated on any emerging technological trends and trafficking tricks.

*Abbreviated versions are available.

The Demand Project AWARE Workshops

The AWARE workshop is a hands-on training for parents and guardians. In this workshop you will learn how to take charge of technology and social media to protect your children from online predators. You will also gain key insight into the tactics and methods online predators use to gain access to children. You will leave with tangible, practical tools that will help you protect your child from the predator lurking behind the screen.

The Demand Project AWAKEN Presentations

TDP‘s AWAKEN presentation is training/workshops at businesses, churches, non-profit organizations, public spaces, and various events on sex trafficking and the commercial sexual exploitation of children. It covers the who, how, where, why, and how to get involved as a solutionist with TDP.

The Demand Project Empower Workshops

The Empower Assembly Team presents social media safety and the dangers of cyber sexual predators, Tricks of Traffickers, and Avoiding a Traffickers Deception. Expect a presentation and theatrical dramatization. This assembly is geared towards youth ages 12 to 17.